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Wyld celebrates the wonders of nature. Our Cosywear creates a new appreciation of comfort that stretches the boundaries of wool and how you wear it.
Made in New Zealand from organically grown Pitt Island wild sheep (named Pihepe), Bohepe and possum fur, these unique garments are extremely warm and lightweight whilst being soft to the touch and warm when wet.

Women’s Possum Poncho


Natural beauty, natural drape, natural comfort.

Become blissfully unaware of what you are wearing whilst feeling just right. Our Ladies Poncho is a spontaneous visual harmony of non-dyed natural yarn.

50% Pihepe, 25% Bohepe, 25% Possum

Made in New Zealand, organically grown and scoured these ponchos are designed to keep you cosy. Lightweight and warm with memorable stretch.

Enjoy the sensory addiction of this unique and lovingly crafted yarn.

Each Poncho comes packaged in its own box for safe keeping.

Care instructions: Cool gentle hand wash with wool detergent. Wring dry in a towel. Tumble dry hot to shrink back into shape.

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Weight.245 kg


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Wyld products move with you. Active garments are able to adapt to your changing body. The high curvature of these soft, spring-like fibres allow for stretching and returning to their original state. So forget your heavy, stiff or floppy garments and let your body remember Wyld.
Organically grown, made in New Zealand.