“The Landing” Fine Art Print


‘The Landing’, a rich and mystical scene depicts the landing of Māori from Hawaiki to Aotearoa (New Zealand) over 2000 years ago. The artist, Te Mete Smith, wanted to celebrate the association of the word Aotearoa to the New Zealand people, its translation meaning ‘the land of the long white cloud’. As a Limited Edition fine art print, this is a unique and striking artwork that is perfect as a welcome gift to those who have newly settled into Aotearoa, or to those with a passionate reverence for our beautiful homeland. Mauri ora!

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SIZE 600mm x 420mm approx



Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

“The Landing” was inspired by the journey Māori had on their voyage from Hawaiki to Aotearoa (New Zealand). This is a piece that celebrates the common association that people have made over the years with the word Aotearoa which in translation means “the land of the long white cloud”. Te Mete has articulately created a mystical scene upon “the arrival” of Māori in Aotearoa over 2000 years ago. This Artwork is depicted in the land of Whakatōkea with the arrival of the Matātua Waka with the Raukūmara Hills in the background situated on the Eastern Bay of Plenty. The painterly style of this artwork encompasses a new world tone using the royal colour purple which is subtly used to enrich and enhance the wonder of arriving to a new land.



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Te Mete Smith (Te Mete) is a New Zealand Contemporary Māori Artist, he is adeeply symbolic, abstract, portrait and landscape Artist of Māori, Irish and French decent. He currently resides in, Opotiki NZ.

He was raised in Whanarua Bay in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. His parents both alternative and creative minded spent the early parts of his childhood raising the Artist in a Cave. The artists says “knowing what living basic really means, makes you fearless of the possibilities of what can be… and to be an artist you need to be fearless, it takes courage. My parents are both very inspiring people.”

His, anecdotal creations of beauty observed from what he describes as multi-faceted perspectives are inspired by deep involvement through years of work understanding himself though the eye of the gaze, voyaging history, people and the spirit of difference, but in tern creating difference as a reason to celebrate in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the rest of the World.

Career Highlights:

Making History:

 Te Mete made international history after painting Louisa Wall (NZ Labour Politician) known for fronting the Equality Amendment Bill that give same sex couples the right to Marry in NZ, the original painting featured in Investment publications among artworks that have sold at Christies Auction in New York for multi millions.

Te Mete painted “The final Portrait of Carmen Rupe” a New Zealand icon and human equality visionary, the portrait was revealed in conjunction to an honorary Traditional Māori Ceremony (Powhiri) at Te Papa Museum (New Zealand National Museum) in Wellington on the 1/11/2013, the portrait was then revealed to the general public on the 2/11/2013. The portrait went on to sell at Auction in 2014 and sold for an undisclosed amount by a private collector who donated the piece to the NZ Parliament Art collection in Wellington.


 Throughout the years Te Mete has had many exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia, most of which have sold out, attracting buyers and investors from all parts of the globe.


 Te Mete has donated money through  the sales of his artworks for selected charities including, New  Zealand Aids Foundation, Rainbow Youth, Cartier Bereavement Trust, NZ Cancer Foundation, GABA, Cure Kids, Ronald McDonald House, World Vision,  among many other notable charities


Te Mete’s artwork has sold dividends in his professional art career, collectors from America, Dubai, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Canada among others have made investments in the artists original works and prints.


Bachelor of Art & Design.