“Tama Nui Te Rā” Koruru Carving



Tama nui te Rā (The Sun) Koruru Taonga
created by Aotearoa master carver Fred Harrison. Fred has carved “Tama Nui te Rā out of tōtara, in the koruru form. Dimensions: 46cm wide x 63cm tall x 15cm thick and weight is 15kg.
Te Whānau o Marama the origins of the heavenly bodies.
The following is an ancestral genealogy is derived from whakapapa tapu of the sacred baskets of knowledge, obtained by Tāne god of the forests in his quest for the knowledge of the creator.
Ranginui Sky father – Papatūānuku Earth mother
Tāne Tangotango – Wainui great waters or Hine Te Ahuru
Tama nui te Rā the sun Marama I Whanake the moon Ngā Whetu Hinatore
Here we see from earth and sky came, Tāne tangotango, whom with Wainui created the sun, moon, and the young stars.
Rā’s place in the Māori mythology
Rā the ever powerful provider of life and light, in the ancient observations remembered in the oral traditions are many stories.
In the Māui cycle of myths he was ensnared in a net by Māui the demi god and beaten into submission causing the sun to slow his transition as to allow a better planting cycle, after his punishment by Māui he heads to Matariki for healing from the music of the 6 sisters of Matariki during solstice, so he is far away during winter enjoying healing.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 46 × 63 cm


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