Queen of the Night Persephone Potion


30ml organic body oil blend with high-grade essential oils, 100% natural

An oil of change & transformation that brings swift movement & acceleration into the new. Precious floral absolutes of Jasmine, Lotus & Frangipani celebrate the perfumed garden of the soul, in a skin-loving base of sweet almond & vitamin E. Onyx & tourmalinated quartz supplement the concoction, adding a crystalline charge of power to release all energies of stagnancy & stuck situations.

Perfect for all entering or completing transitions & liminal phases – deaths, births, new stages of life, endings & new beginnings. A wonderful choice for preparations for marriage & welcoming of the new. This is also the best oil in the range to heal from loss & grief.



Queen of the Night is a mysterious blend of luscious floral absolutes that calms, soothes & connects the wearer to higher truth & purpose. Its sweet perfume is a reminder that life is a cycle to be cherished. The soul finds beauty even though the darkest night. Persephone, the goddess who was imprisoned by Hades, symbolises the rebirth of the earth, springtime returning after a long winter.

Using this oil is a signal that the dark night of the soul is finally at an end. The returning light symbolises a resurrection of what has been lost returning in a new improved form. Work with this oil to facilitate meditation, psychic intuition, clearing of old beliefs & programs, as it works directly on the crown chakra to open the higher senses.

Queen of the Night contains perfume-grade absolutes of Lotus, Jasmine & Frangipani, sourced from rare locations & bespoke growers. Diluted in a sweet almond & vitamin E base, it is a luxurious skin-lover & potential healer of all skin & scalp conditions in need of extreme soothing.

Massage into scalp & scaly skin as spot therapy. Use in baths & after showers to luxuriate in the nourishment of the world’s finest & richest flower oils. Often used as a hair oil, for scalp treatments & styling. A crown chakra potion.

Handblended with love. Use within 6-12 months for optimum goodness.


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