“Ko Te Aroha Te Mea Nui” (The greatest thing is love) is a beautiful woven NZ harakeke (flax) wall hanging. This stunning taonga (treasure) would suit an office, school, or boardroom. It’s dimensions are width approximately 50 cm, length 2 meters 30 cm. Materials used Harakeke (NZ flax), Muka (flax fibre), Kōrari (flax flower stem), with black and red Rit dyes. Boiled harakeke is natural.

A one off weaving. The pattern above the words “Ko Te Aroha Te Mea Nui” is the pattern “Te Hera o Te Waka o Tainui” (The Sail of The Tainui Canoe) to represent the movement of people. The patterns below the words are combinations of weaving two’s. Whakatū and Whakapae.
The weaving represents the coming together and movement of the people  where aroha (love) lives.

Clare Coyle is a Hawke’s Bay weaver. She has Irish, Scottish, and Cree bloodlines. Clare has been weaving & tutoring for over 30 years. Clare weaves kete (woven baskets), whāriki (floor mats), and contemporary styles of weaving.


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