Joyful Surrender Isis Potion


Joyful Surrender is a 30ml organic body oil blend with high-grade essential oils. 100% natural oil of bliss. Enter a state of harmony with the Egyptian mother goddess Isis who uplifts the spirit with her signature scent. A blend of lime, bergamot, grapefruit citruses bring back a spring to your step, while rose absolute & calming lavender rejuvenate & re-inspire the joy of living. A perfect companion to the Queen of the Night, this oil ushers in a new day & a new chapter of your destiny. Borne upon the wings of fearlessness, this oil delivers strength, courage & power to enter a new phase of life without looking back.


Let destiny deliver its best with this good energy tonic of expansion, freedom & opening to new joy! The scent of Egyptian queen Isis is reminiscent of a sun-drenched desert oasis abundant with lush fruit & rare blooms. Citrus oils of Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime enliven the spirit & the senses while Lavender & Egyptian Rose absolute shift all fears & worries into liberation & letting go.

Use Joyful Surrender as an all-over body moisturizer to uplift & inspire every day. Breathing in this oil as a morning inhalation creates a spaciousness to the beginning of the day. Anoint the 3rd eye for clarity & eagle vision.

Hand blended with love. Use within 6-12 months for optimum goodness.




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