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Aurora Alchemy is a New Zealand-based aromatherapy brand with a global following. Luxury anointing oils handcrafted  to ancient aromatherapy traditions. The finest essential oils in the world lavish your mind, body & spirit with pure aromatic goodness direct from source. Each oil is engineered for an energy shift, kickstarting a heavenly vibration that transforms lives. from the first application ! Discover what these wonderful energy & healing oils can do. Out of this world!

Durga Protection Potion


30ml organic body oil blend with high-grade essential oils, 100% natural

An oil that cleanses, protects & melts away all your aches & pains. The pain relief properties of this potion comes from its exquisite collection of sacred essences – Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose absolute – blended with healing Clove Bud & spicy Black Pepper.

Creates a protective pyramid of light around the wearer, fending off negativity & toxic energy by sending them back to their origin. Useful for sensitive souls, clearing of entities & spirits, house & space clearing & firm removal of hostile energies. Anoint on all areas of unease or pain & use for space clearing.


Durga Protection Potion is the #1 bestseller of the range, ensuring a stable connection to the earth, while grounding & earthing higher energies that may need additional support & protection.

This oil is a tonic for pain & suffering, relieving physical symptoms of dis-ease, as well as spiritual symptoms & ailments including psychic attack. It works overnight to shift negative energies, entities & fear.

Use before & after heavy work to ensure that you are protected. Rubbing the oil onto areas of pain will alleviate symptoms within a short time. Mixing this oil with water & spraying into the air effectively clears spaces.

This oil has been used to assist those suffering from pain, trauma, abuse & when deep healing is needed – for example, post-surgery, terminal illnesses & hospitalisations. Its deep red ray provides nourishment & sustenance from the earth, banishing survival fears & anchoring a sense of stability that never falters.

Hand-blended with love. Use within 6-12 months for optimum goodness.


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