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So, here we are again…

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Source: Plenty Magazine

. . . A new year and a new edition of Plenty. Our sixth issue also marks our first anniversary, so yay us, and what an awesome issue 06 is: dinosaurs, fisticuffs, affordable underground furniture, art deco architecture, barbers and naked - yes, naked - burritos. It will be appearing soon, ninja-like, in a location near you.

As usual we’d like to thank all our advertisers for being a part of this issue, without them supporting our labour of love you wouldn’t be reading this right now, so go on, give them some love. They share our vision and deserve your support, and they are just a click away in our new online version.

We’d also like to thank everyone who appears in this issue for bearing with our somewhat self-styled approach to Publishing 101. Yes, thanks for putting up with those late night calls to make sure we’ve spelt your name right, the last minute requests to come and have your photo taken, and the funny look the designer gave you when you offered that advice about changing the heading to orange.

And of course we couldn’t do it without our contributors, so we’d like to thank them for, well, contributing, and for also putting up with those late night calls to make sure we’ve spelt their names right. It’s a pleasure to work with you, and you can now find how just how ridiculously cool they are over on our Contributors page.

But mostly we’d to thank you – yes, you! – Our readers. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback, for taking Plenty to heart, and for helping to spread the word by passing it on to friends. We’ve had such a huge response that we are now offering a subscription system, so if you live outside the Bay or want to collect the whole set then go to our Contact page for how to subscribe or order back issues.

plenty-mags So, here we are again...

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