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Sea Salt Scrub- Cinnamon, Vanilla, Coconut


Luxurious sea salt exfoliator with cinnamon bark and vanilla oil.

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Product Description

This has to be our best-smelling formulation yet!

Men and women will love this warm, spicy, nutty aroma and the silky feeling of your skin after using this 100% natural exfoliator. Deeply cleanse and buff your skin. Nourishing oils within leave your skin with a protective barrier.

With essential minerals from the sea salt, and added magnesium, this scrub will slough away dead skin and bring back a glowing even texture. It can also be used as a relaxing bath soak for those who need to absorb their magnesium and get a better night’s sleep.

Best suited for cracked feet and hands, or body due to the coarse salt flakes.

Treat someone who works hard and needs a bit of TLC.

All sea salt scrubs come in unique ceramic pots, with classic cork lids.

Comes with a wooden scoop.



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We only use natural ingredients to create our products. We chose the name DOUX because it means soft or gentle in French.

We do not need any preservatives and try to reduce waste as much as possible with recyclable and reusable packaging. Our scrubs and balms are gentle and protect your skin, locking in moisture and reducing inflammation, improving texture, and calming irritations. Our bath soaks support healthy sleep and contain essential Magnesium. Our soaps are strictly SLS free and have a Shea Butter base. Essential oils provide great healthy and safe benefits.

Our formulations are great for those with dry skin conditions such as eczema and help to heal and restore the skin. I started this journey and created the same products for my own skin problems initially. I loved them and hope that you do as well.

Plants used are grown organically and air – dried at home, giving you locally made skincare solutions. All handmade ?

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