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Friend Lip Balm


Leaving your lips soft, supple and minty fresh!

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Product Description

Your lips will thank you! Using our lip balm means you for caring for them and keeping them feeling fresh and soft without any nasty chemical, preservatives or plastic packaging.

Made with beeswax and organic oils rich in moisturising properties, this balm soothes chapped lips and keeps them protected from the elements. A little goes a long way! Rich organic Cocoa butter and Shea butter create a buttery texture without any preservatives.

It smells fresh and minty; perfect for men and women alike.

The balm is powerful, just like the larger Friend Balms. Essential oils including Tea Tree, Lavender, Lime and Peppermint help to reduce swelling, redness, infections, and itchiness. This is perfect to keep on hand for insect bites or small cuts as well.

15ml sized pots.


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We only use natural ingredients to create our products. We chose the name DOUX because it means soft or gentle in French.

We do not need any preservatives and try to reduce waste as much as possible with recyclable and reusable packaging. Our scrubs and balms are gentle and protect your skin, locking in moisture and reducing inflammation, improving texture, and calming irritations. Our bath soaks support healthy sleep and contain essential Magnesium. Our soaps are strictly SLS free and have a Shea Butter base. Essential oils provide great healthy and safe benefits.

Our formulations are great for those with dry skin conditions such as eczema and help to heal and restore the skin. I started this journey and created the same products for my own skin problems initially. I loved them and hope that you do as well.

Plants used are grown organically and air – dried at home, giving you locally made skincare solutions. All handmade ?

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