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Franz Josef Kayak and Rainforest Tour

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My kayak glacier and walk experience by Lieselot Brauwer – @worldisacircus, blogger.

Kayaking in New Zealand is a unique experience. You’re on a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains and enjoying nature. I wanted to experience this, so I decided to go kayaking at the New Zealand West Coast.
The West Coast is known for its glaciers and is therefore often called ‘glacier country’. Thousands of years ago the glaciers were way larger and when they retreated they left lakes behind, formed by the glacier water.
I really wanted to kayak on one of those glacier lakes. I found a kayak glacier and walk experience via Koru Enterprises, a boutique travel company that offers heaps of fun activities in New Zealand. The lake we would kayak on is called Lake Mapourika and has the best reflections.

Kayaking in New Zealand

(c) Lieselot – The Magical Lake Mapourika

     There was I, ready and all geared up to break those reflections. I was a bit wary when we slid into the water, because it had been a while and my kayak partner had never done this before. After a few seconds we realised we were not going to capsize. Yay!
I appreciated that the activity was in a small group. We were only with four people plus guide, who makes such a difference.
Our guide was Zak, a happy 25-year-old English chap with awesome hair, which had a life on its own. It was his birthday, but that didn’t change much for him. He was all-in for this tour.
Because I chose the morning kayak activity the lake was still and the reflections were going on.
Rainforest Walking Tour

(c) Lieselot – Okarito Forest Walking Tour

     We kayaked an hour; then docked on land at the Okarito Forest. We did a little walk through the bush, which is home to the native kiwi bird! I was very impressed by Zak’s knowledge of plants. He gave tons of information. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to eat some plants!
Zak also shared a Maori legend and told us that Lake Mapourika means ‘Flower of the Dawn’. It has been named after a Maori chief’s daughter, because she was very pretty, and the lake was prettiest in the morning.
After our walk and a cup of tea we went back on the water.
The entire trip you are surrounded by mountains and forest. The weather was nice and I just didn’t want to go back on shore. Time goes too fast when you’re having fun!

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